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The Right Focus

The Right Focus

When we, as God’s people, are going through difficulty due to our faith and the ungodly seem to prosper in their ungodliness, we need to remember not to focus on them or even on our own difficulty, but focus on God who remains near to us, strengthens us, and gives us wisdom and godly perspective to persevere through life until he receives us with honor. There are many things in life where you have to stay focused.

What happens if you lose your focus? If you lose your focus, or focus on the wrong thing, the result could be fatal.

In Psalm 73 we find three possible places to focus.

First, he focuses on the wellbeing of the wicked. The Psalmist focuses on what is going on with the wicked and he became envious, why? God is treating them better. And so, he spends a lot of time describing what it is he sees. They live and die at ease, no pains in their death vs 4.

They don’t just live in comfort; they die in comfort; they live a life of contentment and ease vs 5.

Pride serves as their necklace because God did not punish the wicked as he should, they simply became more wicked even wore their pride as prominent necklace vs 6.

To be continued