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Stop Making Excuses

Stop Making Excuses, Serve God

Luke 14:14-24

  • Excuses are generally self-focused and self-absorbed so that a person can justify themselves.

  • Difference between a reason and an excuse.
    • Excuse – an attempt to evade full accountability for something that you did or didn't do.
    • Reason – an explanation for one’s action.

  1. We make excuses because we are preoccupied with things.  V 18

  1. We make excuses because we put making a living before God. V 19

  • We put family before God. V 20
    • Our relationships must never conflict with God’s plans and purposes.

  1. What is the final outcome? V 21-24
  • God is angered with our excuses. 2:3


  • God’s purpose and plans for us is twofold.
  • First, He wants all people to be saved. I Tim. 2:3,4
  • Second, He wants all who are saved to be blessed. 29:11

Let’s determine today to make every day a…


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