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Every so often many businesses conduct an inventory. They count what they have on their shelves. They do this because these companies need to know what’s on their shelves. They need to know what they can sell. They need to know what they can ship out. They need know that they have enough supplies on hand to service customers.

Now when it comes to our spiritual condition, it is good for us to take an inventory. It is good to step back and simply see where we are in our walk with God. It may just be that what is on our shelves isn’t what we think is on our shelves. I John 3:19-24 are practically right in the middle of the book. It is good to stop and to take inventory of our lives. Verse 19 sets up the passage ‘By this we shall know that we are of the truth and reassure our hearts before him’.

Are you of the truth or not? For a business, it is helpful to know what is on their shelves. When a customer calls, they want to know whether or not you call fulfill their request. You lose business when you tell your customer that you can deliver, only to find that your shelves are empty. It is another to lose your soul Matt. 7:21-23.

To be continued