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Power Of Encouragement (continued)

Power Of Encouragement (continued)

Why do we encourage others?

There are several reasons:

To keep the fainthearted from quitting. We do not want to see people go back to their old way of life.

To draw out potential in others. How many people have we encouraged to go out into Christian service frow our congregations? We need to start getting our young people excited about serving in full-time service for the Lord.

To help people see God in tough times. When the tough times of life hits us, we need to be encouraged that God is still in the mix. We need to know that God has a plan, and too often that is so difficult to see when we are in the midst of the struggles of life.

To strengthen others. We should always be trying to help make others have a stronger faith. We need to make sure we are investing ourselves in other people in order to help them.

To strengthen the church. We gather together on the first day of the week in part to help build up one another. We need each other and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

We need to do all we can to strengthen the church family and the community.

A little encouragement will go a long way! If you are not an encourager, if you are an I knew it would not work or an I told you so person, it is time to get on the encouragement band wagon. We are called to be a blessing to others.

Whose life are you blessing with encouragement?