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No Gift From God Is Insignificant

No Gift From God Is Insignificant

Is God finished with you?

You may feel as if He’s given up on you or that He could never use you like you once thought He could.

Understand, God has put you and I together a certain way, on purpose, at this exact place in time. You’re the most uniquely qualified and equipped person on the face of the earth to do what God has created you to do. Don’t neglect the gifts God has placed within you. One of the most important facts you can discover about God’s gift and calling in your life is that they are permanent and enduring.

Romans 11:29 – For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Repentance in this verse means irrevocable which means not able to be changed., reversed, or recovered.

God will never recall the gifts, talents, and strength He has given you. Even if you’ve never done anything with them, even if you’ve failed time and time again, God’s gifts and calling are still resident within you. Choose to do something with them now.

Gifts and talents are God’s deposits into your personal accounts, but we determine the interest on them. The greater the amount of interest and attention we give to them, the greater their value becomes. God’s gifts are not loans they are always deposits. They are never used up or depleted.

In fact, the more they are used, the greater, stronger, and more valuable they become.

Each of us should make full use of all the gifts and talents that God has bestowed upon us so that we do not abound in one area while we become bankrupt in another.