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Focusing On Letting Go Of The Past

Focusing On Letting Go Of The Past

In Luke 9:62 No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

If we are not careful, we will allow the past to hold us, to slow us down, make you want to quit, and tires you out.

You need to let go of the past, so it doesn’t….

  1. Get you off course. Thoughts of revenge or what might have been, are some of the most unproductive thoughts you can have. While you are thinking this way, you’re not planning or dreaming about your future.
  2. Typecast you. You see yourself as a person who failed, made the critical mistake, or went the wrong direction.
  3. Sour your outlook. The future looks bad no matter how good things really are. Every part of your life picks up the stick of your rotten attitude.
  4. Wipe you out. It takes a lot of effort to carry the past, pay for today, and providing for the future. God never set us up to do this. Clinging to your past makes it very hard to step into the future. You’re tired, and it feels like you don’t have the energy to do what it takes to move forward. So, you stay where you are: sad fatigued, and discouraged.

The more you look backward, the less we are able to see forward. The past does not determine what God can do for us today or tomorrow.

To be continued.