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Chippie Doesn’t Sing Anymore

Chippie Doesn’t Sing Anymore

There was a woman who had a pet parakeet named Chippie who would sing.

The woman made several mistakes.  She was vacuuming her floor, and she decided to clean out the bottom of Chippie’s cage with her vacuum cleaner.  Mistake number one.

The phone rang she turned to answer the phone without turning off the machine.  Chippie got sucked through the tube and into the canister.  Mistake number two.

She drops the phone, shut off the vacuum, open the canister there was Chippie dirt all over his little body, but alive.

She rushed into the bathroom, Chippie in her hands, held him under the faucet and turned it on full blast. Mistake number three.

Then she spotted a hair dry, turned it to hot and high.  Mistake number four almost killed him.

Now Chippie won’t sing; he just sits there and stare.

How many of us can relate to Chippie?

You have had your cage vacuumed.  You’ve felt sucked into the dirt bag, stuck under the faucet, and hit with a blast from a hair dryer.  You don’t sing anymore.  You just sort of sit there and stare.

There are lots of chippie- style circumstances that steal our songs.  Life sucks us all into the tube.

How do you get your song back?

  1. You got to choose to sing.
  2. You must think positive thoughts.
  3. You must get out of yourself.
  4. Fill your life with Jesus.

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