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A Goal Changes Everything

A Goal Changes Everything

Give a man a basketball and tell him to shoot, and his response will be, at what?

When there is no goal, there is no purpose for shooting. He could shoot the ball anywhere, and wherever it landed would be the result.

But if you give the man a hoop and challenge him to throw the ball in the hoop everything changes. You have now given him something to aim at, something to test his skills against, something to measure his progress with, and something that gives all his effort purpose.

That’s what a goal does to a person’s life, it changes everything.

In Habakkuk 2:2 the Lord tells the prophet, write the vision and make it plan on tablets, that he may run who reads it. Your vision must be written. When you keep a vision in your mind, it isn’t really a goal; it is nothing more than a dream. There is power in putting that dream on paper, when you commit something to writing, commitment to achievement naturally follows.

God wrote His vision for us in the form of the Bible. He doesn’t rely only on the Holy Spirit to guide us; He put His directions in writing. When the vision is written down clearly, he may run who reads it.

To be continued

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