What Is Your Service Plan Like?

What Is Your Service Plan Like?

Rom. 12:1-2

  • When we by a car we want to know what kind of service to expect from it.
  • When we go shopping, we want service.
  • Service is important to God.

What is your service plan like?

               – What backs up your service?

                                   – Your heart or your lips?

  • 29:13; Matt. 15:8, 9; Deut. 6:5
  • Worship will never be right until our relationship is right.

What does your service plan cover?

  • 12:1-2
  • We are to give God every part of our life.
  • When you present your body a living sacrifice you must do two things:
  1. You must sacrifice your feelings.
  • The whole heart must be given to God.
  1. You must sacrifice your affections. 3: 2-3
  • Our service needs to be complete coverage, from head to toe, especially the heart.

How long is your service plan good for?

  • Our service for Him must go beyond just a quick start at the beginning; it must be a solid commitment to serve Him to the end.
  • Our salvation experience cost God the Father, His Son.
  • I Cor. 6:20; Matt.10:22


  • Are you living out your life with a commitment that is pleasing to God?

If all of us would really commit ourselves to serving the Lord, there is no telling what this congregation could be.