Things To Become That Does Not Cost Money

Things To Become That Does Not Cost Money

  1. Be a lover

How do we make love a dominating characteristic of our lives?

  • Make love a priority

Jesus gave love priority over all other Christian virtues.  Every thought, response, and act of goodwill must first pass through the fine filter of love, or it means nothing at all.  Matt. 22:37-39

  • Understand the importance of love

Love fulfills the law, because if we truly love every person because he is a person, we will not desire to hurt or violate him or her, thus never break the law.  Rom. 13:10

When we demonstrate Christian love, it distinguishes believers from the rest of the world.  John 13:35

God is love, and the one who remains in love remains in God and God remains in him.  I John 4:16-17

  • Demonstrate the virtue of love

Love values the other person.  Love acts for the benefit of others.  Love is the spirit in the heart that will never seek anything but the highest good of its fellow man.

God loved us not because we had something to offer him, but because He had something to offer us.  John 3:16

Love is vulnerable to the other.  In other words, love opens up its life to another person.  It goes beyond sentimental feelings.  It breaks down barriers.  It exposes the heart.  John 1:11

Love entails a cost.  It gets its hand dirty.  It takes a chance.  It goes out on a limb.  Loves makes a statement and leaves a legacy.  True love always costs.

In the end, the goal of the Christian life is love.  The measure of our maturity is our love for God and our love for others.

Learn to be a lover!