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Remain Steadfast

Remain Steadfast

In Philippians 1:27, Paul is aware of the pressures the Philippians are experiencing from within and without.  In their own community there is some conflict developing.  Additionally, they are experiencing persecution from the world around them.  Paul’s concern is that they remain steadfast in their service to the Lord.

Christians should be living in such a way that there is no doubt they are citizens of Heaven.  So, he tells them, live a life that becometh worthy, which literally means to even the beam.  It refers to balancing the scales so that both sides are even.  To live worthy of the gospel means to live so that your life gives proper weight to all that God has done for you in Christ.  You realize that Jesus died for you so that you could live for Him.  God the Father sacrificed His only Son so that you and I could live, not just live a life, but live a life that is contending for the Faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So, Paul’s plea to the Philippians and to us is:  Remember who you are, remember where your citizenship really is, and conduct yourself in a manner worthy of your true identity.  Paul is saying that no matter what happens to him, they must have one desire, one aim and that is to live a Christian life, putting Christ first in their life.

To be continued