Power Of Encouragement

Life can be very challenging most of the time. As we live our lives, we need a lot of help along the way. We face so many challenges at every turn, it is important for us to have people in our lives that will get behind us to tell us we can do it.

What do people need when they are struggling? Encouragement! What do people need to be challenged to do something that may seem out of their normal range of ability? Encouragement.

Those who have children when they make those first attempts at walking; what do you do? Encourage them.

What does a person who is struggling with their faith need from other people? Encouragement. Our lives are full of people who have taken the time to encourage us along the way.

When we say we are encouraging another person what does that really mean? Are we encouraging someone when we yell at them or tell them they are not going to amount to anything? Is being critical of everything being an encourager?

When you are around other Christians who are struggling, be careful that you are not only pointing out what they are doing wrong, make sure you are encouraging them to stay in the game.

To be continued