Power Of Encouragement (continued)

Power Of Encouragement (continued)

What does the word encourage mean? To encourage means to come along side of.

If we are going to encourage others, we need to come along side of them and help them.

The word can mean that we come along side of them to urge or admonish or caution them.

An important part of encouraging another person is the willingness to step in and walk beside them. People will take better to being admonished if they know you are in or willing to get into the trenches with them.

Barnabas was known as the son of encouragement. Acts 4:36

How do we encourage others?

If we are going to encourage people, how are we to do it so it will be most effective? We want our efforts in encouraging to count for something.

We must be willing to get in the game with others.

We display a positive attitude. We encourage someone while pushing them past what they think they can do; they have to see we have a positive attitude with them.

We have to learn to look for the best in people and extend grace to the worst.

People will achieve great heights if they know people believe in them.

To be continued