Norman’s Notes

Norman’s Notes              

Norman’s Notes                                                                                           9-6-20



Learning to be Positive

Rom. 12:1, 2


With God’s help, you have the power to change your outlook.

Five simple keys in choosing to be positive.


  1. Ask God to help you.
  • Life is difficult. We all have problems.
  • We all have battles to fight.
  • If we choose to live with a positive attitude, ask God for help.

Phil. 4:6, 13


  1. Start your day off with the right mindset.
  • Everybody faces good days and bad days.

“Attitude Is Everything”

  • Every morning wake up say to yourself, “I have two choices” (be positive or negative).

2 Corinthians 10:5


  • Learn to speak positive words.
  • It is always easier to give people a piece of your mind than a peace of mind.
  • Eliminate negative words, words that tears down. It hurts not only others, but it hurts you and shows what type of person you are.
  • Positive words create a loving, creative environment in which to live.
  • This week say something nice and uplifting to someone.


  1. Hang around positive people, and think positive things.


  1. Focus on the blessing in your life.
  • Thank God for all the blessings of life.