• Life is short, life is a mist, it is a vapor.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  James 4:14
  • We are living on borrowed time.  God sets the amount of time.
  • Since time is short, life is precious:
  • Make sure you have a right relationship with Jesus.
  • Make sure to include the Lord in our lives.  Live everyday one day at a time.
  • Appreciate where you are at.
  • Stop trying to push to the future events; live for today.
  • Take time to thank God for life and people before they are gone.
  • Appreciate the moment.
  • Cherish what you have.

Cherish life by:

L – Love all and lean on God

I – Inspire all and insult none

F – Forgive all and fight none

E – Encourage all and envy none