If You Want Strawberries, Don’t Plant Lemons

If You Want Strawberries, Don’t Plant Lemons

We all want the same outcome -- to be happy and to end up with a reasonable measure of health, wealth, and happiness.

Seeds are a strange thing; they teach us a lot about life. 

  • They don’t grow unless they are planted.

We can plant what we want.

  • The problem is that some people want to plant one thing and reap another.
  • Lemon seeds won’t produce strawberries. 
  • We want to plant immorality and reap respectability.
  • We want to plant dishonesty and reap a reputation of integrity.
  • We want to plant bitterness and reap tenderness.

Don’t neglect your family today and expect them to lovingly gather around you in your later years.

Don’t treat your body with alcohol and drugs and expect the joys of good health when you grow old.

It doesn’t matter who the planter is.  It’s a law of sowing and reaping.  Gal. 6:7

Once we learn this principle -- then we will plant the words, decisions, actions, attitudes that are necessary and pleasing to God.