How to Thank God Everyday

How to Thank God Everyday

Psalms 95:1-9


This text offers three looks why we should be thankful to God.

  1. An upward look should make us thankful. 1-6
  • Oh come let us sing unto the Lord. Vs 1
  • Maybe He solved your problem. Maybe He has given you direction to go. So from the depths of your being you proclaim your praise.
  • Let us make a joyful noise. Vs 1
  • Christianity is a faith of joy.
  • It is a joy to know the God of the universe personally.
  • It is a joy to come before God in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • It is a joy and privilege to worship. We are worshipping the rock of our salvation. 16:18
  • We come thankfully. 2
  • Do we begin our approach to the throne of grace with a thankful heart? 4:6
  • We recognize how great God is. Vs 3
  • God is great because He is holy. 99:3,5
  • God is almighty, omnipotent. 89:8
  • God is in control of the deepest places in the earth, and of the highest mountain peaks. Vs 4
  • God made the sea and the dry land and everything in it. 5
  • The heaven declares the glory of God. 19:1
  • God is our maker. Vs 6
  • You and I are handmade by God Himself.
  1. An outward look should make us thankful. 7
  • Because He is our God, we are the people of His pasture it is expected we should praise Him.
  • An inward look should make us thankful. 7-9
  • Failure to obey God’s word and failure to believe God will lead us to a harden heart. Vs 8,9; Ex. 17:2-7

We ought to thank God every day for the gift of life by obeying it and

by living it to the fullest!