How To Make Right Decisions

How To Make Right Decisions

Could you use a little more wisdom? In all of the decisions that you and I have had to make in life, how much better would your life be  today if you had the wisdom to do the right thing at the right time, to avoid many of the mistakes that you have made, and to  have all of those decisions made according to the will of God for our life?

Life is full of decisions and life is basically a series of choices we make every day.

We have to evaluate, decide, draw conclusions.

We make our decisions and then our decisions make us. The quality of your life will be determined by the kind of decisions you make in life. Some of them we regret, some of them we feel good about.

The fact is, because we are human we all have a great possibility for error. We wait to long, we pay too much, we say the wrong thing. Some ore making difficult decision now. Life is full of choices.

We will be looking at the book of James in dealing with how to make decisions.

James will give us the problem, then he gives us the prescription, then he gives us the promise from God. Read James 1:5-11

To be continued.