How to Deal with Unfavorable News

How to Deal with Unfavorable News

Norman’s Notes 9-13-20


How to Deal with Unfavorable News

Rom. 8:28


I want to share three ways on how to deal with unfavorable news.


  • Know Him
  • The word “know” means to learn by instruction.
  • God is in control.  We must accept this reality before we can go on.
  • He is the creator of all things.  John 1:3
  • He has the power to change any situation.
  • He is able to do exceeding….
  • He is a way maker.


  • Trust Him
  • Trust him to direct your path.  Prov. 3:5,6
  • Trust him to lead you as a Shepherd.  Psa. 23:1-4
  • Trust him to give you what you need.  Psa. 46:1-3


  • Understand Him
  • There is a purpose.  There is a lesson to learn.
  • When he gives you a purpose, he equips you to handle the purpose.
  • God is working it out.  God will deliver but if he chooses not to, He knows what’s best.



  • Everyone faces difficult times.
  • Who you are in Christ will determine how you face them.
  • It will also determine the ultimate outcome.