Getting Real With God

Getting Real With God

Ex. 33:14-23

  • We need to experience the presence of God and to experience His power.
  • When we remove the presence of God from our lives; we remove His power.

Three things that happen when we get real with God.

  1. Live and experience God – 12-14
  • How many times do we come into the sanctuary and do not feel the absolute presence of God?
  • Developing an intimate relationship with God takes time and effort.
  • In verse 13 Moses want three things from God if God finds his life pleasing.
  1. Moses wants God to teach him God’s ways.
  2. Moses is asking God to let him know God.
  3. Moses asks for God’s Grace.
  4. Live and experience God’s Grace – 15-17
  • God’s presence in our lives is directly related to the pleasure He has for our lives.
  • If we are living in a way that God does not approve, we will not see very much of Him in our lives.
  • So how do we please God?
  1. We start by loving Him with all our hearts. – Matt. 22:37-38
  2. We please God by praising Him in everything we do. – Psa. 150:1-2
  3. We please God by serving Him. – Psa. 100:2
  • Live in God’s fullness – 18-23
  • Preeminence shows us that God has a never-ending glory.
  • There are two things that we must do to see the glory of God displayed in our lives.
  1. We need to live in His presence every day.
  2. We need to try and please God with everything we say and do all the time.

Maybe It Is Time……

  • To get real with God.
  • To start humbling our hearts from what we want to what He wants for us.
  • To follow Him instead of expecting Him to follow us.