Are We Giving God Our Best?

Are We Giving God Our Best?

Matt. 22:36-40

  • We should give God our best in every area of our life to thank Him for His great sacrifice.
  • Are we giving the best of what we have in terms of our time, our priorities, our resources, our talents?
  • It is easy to give God something, but it takes love and sacrifice to give Him your best.
  • Giving your best is all about being a living sacrifice. 12:1


What it means to give God your best!


  1. Your best involves giving God your total being.
  • The whole of who we are is the best we can give Him. 22:37


  1. Your best involves giving God your first of everything.
  • Abel brought his best. 4:4
  • God is worthy of the first and best of our time, efforts, resources.
  • To give Him leftovers or misdirected time and energy isn’t giving Him the best He deserves.
  • When we don’t give God our best, we block our blessings.


  • Your best involves giving God your most superior work.
  • To give God a half-hearted or sloppy effort falls short of doing whatever we do for the glory of God. I Cor. 10:31
  • We never want to give our leftover time, energy, money, or attention to the Lord.
  • When we give God our first and our best, not our leftovers, it shows that we trust him and value Him above all else.
  • If we want God to help us become better, we must begin to do better by Him.
  • When we withhold our best from Him, He just might respond in withholding His best from us.
  • When God looked down on a lost condemned world, He gave us his best, His only begotten Son.
  • Surely, I can give my best to Him.

Will I?

Will You?